My life feels like it has just started again…I am going to work 9 to 5, five days a week and getting paid the same amount of money as when I was 20!

But it is making me feel like I am 20 again!  I kid you not, I wrote a newsletter in 20 minutes complete with photos downloaded off the net, using a coloured template, with the easiest editing.  20 years ago that would have required a full artwork layout and a trip to the printers, not to mention the cost!   (One of my fave things is screen shotting on an Apple!)                               Image

The technology we use today continues to blow my brains everyday and it is lost on our younger people.  We are the witnesses to what we struggled with everyday ie electronic golfball typewriters (watch this YouTube to bring back memories with mulitiple coloured copies made by carbon paper and if you made a mistake you had to have multiple bottles of coloured Tippex (Tippex created by the mother of Mike from The Monkees, we had the PR account at Holt early 80’s).images IBM TYPEWRITER 2

Imagine a world with no emails.  When I had my first child (1996) there was no way I could go back to work and work from home via email.  It was all faxes.  I remember having a speed dial list of fax numbers.

Instead of being a stay at home mum, I am now cracking jokes with the accounts lady behind me, the young new business development guy and the bosses!

Sure I have to travel but I go through the Lane Cove Tunnel and I am at Delhi Rd North Ryde in 15 minutes!  My children take an hour on a bus from Mosman to Loreto crawling along Military Rd.  So now I drop them on the way to work so they can get an extra hour’s sleep.

Thank you universe (and Saint Mary Mackillop to whom I prayed as a woman who had been on the wrong end of things in her day), thank you for this job that makes me feel 20 again…sometimes it’s worth getting paid like a 20 year old to feel like one again!

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